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<strong>ANN physical secretariat to be hosted in Cameroon</strong>

ANN physical secretariat to be hosted in Cameroon

In a bid to become a policy focused and research centered entity, the Africa NCDs Network has initiated a physical secretariat in Cameroon.

The secretariat serves as the central administrative unit for the network, providing programmatic and operational support to the ANN members, partners as well as the wider NCD community. It is also responsible for coordinating the day-to-day activities of the organization, manage systems that support the Network’s objectives and agenda and also plans and implements projects and programs on behalf of ANN and its partners

 Since its inception in 2020, the Africa NCDs Network has been managed remotely by interim secretariat. The team has been built on the pillar of voluntarism with representation from the four Regional Alliances (South, West, East and Central) and Ghana NCD Alliance being the fiscal partner.  With the completion and adoption of the Constitution and with the support from the NCD Alliance SEED grant, the ANN leadership found it expedient to formally set up a physical office. Through a rigorous vetting process, the Cameroon NCD Alliance was finally selected to host the first physical secretariat for the Africa NCDs Network.

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