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In 2021, the Africa NCDs Network embarked on the journey of developing a strategic plan to guide its operations and support its major objective of advocating for NCD prevention and Control in Africa through universal health access, affordability and population-based risk factor mitigation. The ANN Strategic Plan is a five-year roadmap (2022-2026) for its advocacy activities and engagements with its member alliances, stakeholders, policymakers, government entities, partners, Civil Society Organizations and the NCD world.

It delivers on key essential elements by attending closely to the gaps identified from environmental scanning, the Network’s operations and a mapping exercise conducted in 2020 as part of understanding the CSOs environment vis-à-vis NCDs in Africa.

The framework is hinged on the Network’s strategic directions of Capacity Development, Quality Research, Policy Engagement, Affordable Access, and People Power. Each pillar represents the ANN’s approach to solving the specific gaps identified and the critical need to meaningfully engage and involve people with lived experience.  The Five pillars highlight both internal and external opportunities for the NCD Community in Africa; define its objectives to be pursued as well as the Key Performing Indicators for the needs ahead. There are six critical objectives that ANN will focus on in the next five years, and these include;

  1. Developing the capacity of National Alliances to be relevant in the sub-regional and national discourse on NCDs
  2. Ensuring high-quality and relevant evidence-based action and reporting on NCDs
  3. Ensuring Policy engagement with development partners, governments and African governmental bodies
  4. Increasing universal, equitable and affordable access to quality and affordable treatment and care including technologies for NCDs in Africa
  5. Promoting adequate financing for the NCD response in Africa
  6. Ensuring Institutional development and formalized mechanisms for meaningful involvement of people living with non-communicable diseases and other vulnerable populations

At the ANN, we believe that a new paradigm should prevail as we seek to provide a strategic position for Africa to respond to its double burden of NCDs as part sustainable development agenda of reducing avoidable sicknesses and deaths from chronic diseases and mental health conditions by 2030.  

Our theory of change engenders knowledge creation, building national alliances towards stronger national-level advocacy, promoting NCD-friendly policies and enhancing multisectoral collaboration.


Since its inception, the Africa NCDs Network has majorly relied on NCD Alliance as its major funder. This initial support has enabled the proper establishment of the Network with a professional and diverse Board; working towards a physically well-established Secretariat, as well as developing its institutional policies and operational processes. In collaboration with its partners, the ANN will continue to diversify its collaborations in order to suitably achieve these objectives.  

As we move into a policy-focused and research-centered entity, join the ANN as a full member,  Associate member or partner by visiting www.africancds.org to know more about the ANN and its work.

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