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To effectively participate in the socio-economic and political processes that drive NCD prevention, control and management at high-level decision-making platforms such as the United Nations (UN), The African Union (AU) and other key decision-making platforms.

To monitor and support regional and national formulation and Implementation of policies that are linked to NCDs

Promote, and support the implementation of NCD related and relevant Regional and national agreements made by member states within the African Continent.

To help improve the lives of PLWNCDs with early diagnosis, better access to health services, improved availability of NCD medicines and commodities, affordability and universal access

Ensure participation of Civil Society Organizations in NCD related processes in Africa and beyond in a collaborative and coordinated fashion

To promote the visibility of the work done by NCDs based national alliances and Civil Society in Africa.

To promote Capacity building of member organizations in the fight against NCDs.

To foster research and consultation work on matters relevant to the objectives of the

To promote information dissemination, communication and documentation among members.



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