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Cameroon NCD Alliance CACSNA

In October 2016, the importance of creating a Cameroon NCD Alliance to harness the power of unity within the response to the burden of NCDs in Cameroon in line with global and regional level recognition of the role of Civil Society was clear. Following representation of the CBC Health Services and Cameroon at the Global Dialogue on Framework for Engagement of Non-State Actors by the WHO in Mauritius Balaclava.

Several meetings and contacts were made among organizations working on NCDs in Cameroon and the alliance was finally created on May 4, 2018 during the conference on Diabetes and other NCDs, holding at Hilton Hotel, Yaoundé at a meeting of the delegates from Cameroon.

The following organizations were represented namely Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services, Health of Populations in Transition (HoPiT), Biaka University Institute of Buea, Recherche – Santé – Development (RSD), Cameroon Diabetes Association (CDA) and HYC. Meanwhile, the Cameroon Cardiac Society, Value Health Africa and Cameroon Coalition to counter tobacco who were previously engaged in the efforts but were not in this meeting were informed this outcome of the Yaoundé meeting.

The creation of the alliance was announced in the presence of the Global NCD Alliance as well as Ministry of Public Health Representatives who all looked forward to fruitful collaborations to move the NCD agenda in Cameroon forward with this key arm of Civil Society action groups, and Prof. Mbanya Jean Claude, President of Health of Populations in Transition (HoPiT) was is the Interim Chair and Mr. Mbiydzenyuy Ferdinant Sonyuy, then Program Manager for NCDs with the CBCHS became the interim Secretary General. The two were mandated to lead the establishment of the Alliance.

The CACSNA is still in a building process and has made several strides in the past two years. The secretariat is currently hosted by the Reconciliation and Development Associations, one of the member Associations of the Alliance since 2020.

Figure 1 Secretary General, Ferdinant M. Sonyuy; President/CEO of RADA

Figure 2Prof. Jean Claude Mbanya; Chair, CACSNA; President, Health of Populations in Transition (HoPiT)

Cross section of member representatives, in an annual meeting.


  1. Reconciliation and Development Association – RADA (Secretariat)
  2. Health Of Populations in Transition (HoPiT)
  3. Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco
  4. Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services
  5. Health Research Foundation (HRF)
  6. Humanity at Heart (H@H)
  7. Rural Doctors (RD)
  8. Value Health Africa (VAHA)
  9. Biaka University
  10. Cameroon Diabetes Association (CDA)

Contact: camencdalliance@gmail.com


Website: www.cacsna.org

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