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– Shall be the official National NCD Alliances that are substantially engaged in NCD prevention and control and have an appropriate organizational structure and constitution
– Shall be an Alliance that has paid its membership fees to date
– Shall be entitled to one (1) vote at the General Assembly.
– Shall have the right to nominate individuals for board and any elected position.
– Shall have the right to nominate members of their Secretariat to the Board for election


– Shall be organizations, networks or entities operating within Africa that support the Network financially or technically in line with the network’s objectives

– Shall be an organization that has paid its Associate membership fees for the current calendar year

– May attend the General Assembly as an observer, but without a voting right

– Shall have the right to nominate individuals as candidates for the Network Board positions for election


– Partner organizations shall be international organizations, networks or entities that support the Network technical and/or financially to achieve its objectives

– Partner organizations may attend the General Assembly as an observer but without a right to vote.

– Partner Organizations may contribute to the deliberations of the General Assembly

– Shall also be called Organizations in Collaborative Relations with the ANN (OCRA)


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